Work hard and play hard

By | March 4, 2012

Word hard adn play hardIn the Bible, it talks about God creating the world in six days and on the seventh day, the Sabbath, he rested and he commanded us all to do the same. Maybe my memory is failing me, but the Bible really doesn’t go into explanation on why we should rest, other than that God hallowed it and neither us, nor anyone else should do any labor. Well, even without further explanation, I think it is clear why it is good to have a Sabbath orĀ  a weekend in our weeks – we need to get away from all the pressure and stress every now and again, specifically, every week. We need a rest, and I am not just talking about sleeping in, I mean we need ACTIVE escape from our work week.

Turn off your work engines

Without a day or two of rest each week, I think I would just keep my work engines (opposed to my play engines) running and running and running. Without any chance to rest those engines, they would burn out pretty quickly. They need time to recover. At the same time, it seems my work engines (if I continue the analogy), recover better if I just shut them down and use my play engines or other engines during the weekend. Even if I justĀ  put the work engines on slow, when the weekend is over and the week starts again, my work engines already feel tired.

The work engines don’t go off unless the play engines are really running

I have also found that if I don’t do a whole lot during the weekend, my work engines are not as ready to go on Monday. Maybe this is because when my play engines aren’t really engaged, my work engines continue to do their work, even though I don’t think they are running. Maybe they are working in silent mode – but still working. So, what I really need to do is really get out there and play when it is time to play. It seems this is the only way to get those work engines to go off. I have always had the philosophy to work hard when it is time to work and play hard when it is time to play. I think lately, I have not been doing so well at the play hard part.

Do the maintenance or pay later

So, I need to do better – a lot better. I need to do more than slow the work engines down on the weekends; I need to make sure they are shut down by fully engaging the play engines. I think it is too easy or too much of a habit to keep those work engines running as long s I think I can get away with it. Well, doing this is like running a car without doing maintenance. Yes, you don’t need to take the time to do the maintenance, but when the car breaks down, it is going to really break down.

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