The truth about chicken eggs

By | June 30, 2012

What types of chicken eggs are healthiest?In a quest for a healthier source of protein, I have been eating a lot of chicken eggs – generally boiled. So far, this has worked well, because I really like eggs and they are easy to cook and eat. In an attempt to be even better than regular white eggs, my wife picked-up some brown cage-free eggs at my request. I really didn’t know what I was getting, but they were sold at a health foods store and the descriptions make them sound heather, so they must be better, right? They certainly cost more money. Is it worth it? Are they heather?

I don’t’ know anything about brown eggs, free-range chickens, or cage-free chickens. Good thing for the Web. I’ll say right now that what I found was eye opening, informative, and sad. So, now let me share what I learned. I didn’t do extensive research on this, so maybe I read the wrong sources and am wrong. In a way, I hope so, but I at least feel like I have some fundamental information to help me until I have time to look even deeper into the subject. OK, so here is what I learned:

  • Brown eggs – come from different chickens than those that lay white eggs. Generally, these chickens are larger and therefore require more feed, so the eggs cost more money. Nutritionally, there is no significant difference.
  • Free-range chickens – chickens can go outside of the hen house. Technically this means they might have a door that allows the chickens out, but they might not be able to easily do so. Also, once they are out, it does not mean there anything for them. In the ideal case, these chickens would be able to roam around outside, but in reality, this is often not the case.
  • Cage-free chickens – these are chickens that do not live in cages. This sounds good, but just like their caged counterparts, they do not get outside the hen house and they are still tightly packed into a small space. Is this really an improvement?

So, sadly, I am still not sure how to get healthier eggs from chickens that have not been pumped full of drugs and hormones. I guess the search needs to go on. My neighbors just bought some chickens and have a coop in their backyard. Maybe I can try to buy some eggs from them. For now, I need to just hope that the eggs I am eating now are better than the other sources of protein I was eating.

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