Which plastic bottles are safe to drink from?

By | April 22, 2012

Plastic bottles that are safe to drink from - BPS freeI have been told that certain plastic bottles might tot be safe to reuse. I didn’t get any more detail than this, but since I have heard this from more than one source, I decided to check it out. As it turns out, it wasn’t a very hard topic to find some good information on. In fact, I found one article that says all that I would want to say so, i am just going to summarize it here.

My summary or the summarized version is to use plastics for their intended purpose. Be careful of Plastics #1 and 7. Plastics #2, 4, are 5 are safer. Avoid putting plastics into the microwave or washing in the dishwasher. Even better than plastic is to use glass.

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The 5 common sense keys to health

By | April 8, 2012

Keys to healthAs I have been learning about the factors that lead to good health, I have discovered they are numerous and often controversial. It seems there is a superficial level of guidance, such as the food pyramid or eat vegetables. The next level is filled with confusion and many different opinions that are hard to sort through, such as are egg yokes good for you and are there problems with diary or eating meat? I assume there is another level beyond these, where if I had the time to dig in really deep, I might be able to make some sense out of all the seemingly conflicting information and make a truly educated decision but then maybe not. Even among the experts with MDs and PhDs and all sorts of other Ds, there seems to be plenty of disagreement, such as how much Vitamin D should I have each day, 800 Ius, 2000 Ius, 5000 Ius? So, with all of this, how can anyone make any sense out of things?

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The Dirty Dozen, The Clean 15, and the 7 foods experts won’t eat

By | March 25, 2012

appleI was listening to a recording this weekend of a lecture held at Google headquarters on healthy living. Supposedly they do these lectures regularly to help their employees, which I think is a great idea. During the lecture, the speaker mentioned that he was told that the employee cafeteria at Google does not server foods from the “Dirty Dozen.” Well, this caught my attention, even though nothing more was said about it.  So, I went to Google (the search engine and not the company headquarters), and started doing some research. I had previously heard rumors of some very common foods that might not be good for you and was hoping this would lead me further down that same path – and it did! I discovered The Dirty Dozen, The Clean 15, and The 7 Foods Experts Won’t Eat. From these lists, I get guidance on what might not be as good for me as I use to think and what is probably OK.

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Work hard and play hard

By | March 4, 2012

Word hard adn play hardIn the Bible, it talks about God creating the world in six days and on the seventh day, the Sabbath, he rested and he commanded us all to do the same. Maybe my memory is failing me, but the Bible really doesn’t go into explanation on why we should rest, other than that God hallowed it and neither us, nor anyone else should do any labor. Well, even without further explanation, I think it is clear why it is good to have a Sabbath or  a weekend in our weeks – we need to get away from all the pressure and stress every now and again, specifically, every week. We need a rest, and I am not just talking about sleeping in, I mean we need ACTIVE escape from our work week.

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Food: maximize the variety

By | February 27, 2012

Vegetable-VarietyA video I recently watched advocated getting a large variety of food in your diet. The theory being that the more the variety of food you eat, the more likely you are to get all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need to be healthy. This makes total sense, but I can’t say I really thought about this seriously until my recent illness. In fact, growing, up, we ate two meals a day and the main item in both meals was rice, every single day. Now, in fairness to my grandmother who prepared the meals, we ate a huge variety of fruit and vegetables, so I actually had a far larger variety of food than I do now. I also want to add that until recently, I prided myself on having the self-discipline to be able to eat the same thing every day and only get a little tired of it. Well, whether I have the self-discipline or not, times have changed, and I am going to eat healthier by eating more variety.

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Nature: the natural source for relaxation

By | February 12, 2012

Nature is marvelous in so many ways. No wonder so many people say they wan to “get back to nature.” I love being out in nature. I grew up as a Boy Scout and spent many backpacking trips in the Wind River and Unitah mountains. I didn’t realize it back then., but I truly was fortunate to have nature so close and accessible. In recent days, I have been looking for relaxation materials, such as audio recordings. I was a bit surprised to discover that pretty much every relaxation recording I found either had a person talking to you in a relaxing way or it was sounds of nature. It reaffirmed to me that nature really is the natural source of relaxation and we need to make sure we get enough of it.

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Drink water for life

By | January 30, 2012

Glass of waterAdequate amounts of water are so basic to health. Obviously, you cannot live without it. Generally, I do not drink enough water. How do I know this? I monitor the color of my urine. If it is light colored, I am OK, but it often is darker than it should be. It is not that I have trouble drinking or do not like drinking, it is just that I forget to drink. For some reason, my brain does not tell me I am thirsty. I can go all day without any thoughts of getting a drink, but go a few hours without food and I am not so happy. This can be handy because I do not need to carry a water bottle wherever I go, but it is also dangerous when I am hiking for hours in the hot desert heat. So, the solution for me is to drink more water.

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Is my bedside clock causing my headaches?

By | January 24, 2012

Bed side clockWell, I have been suffering with headaches on an ongoing basis now for too many months now. They were just a minor nuisance until about four months ago, and then they became quite a problem. For over two months, I just thought they were a symptom of something else I had: acid reflux, gastritis, some unknown thing I had, or the medication I was on. It seemed like I could always find someone on the internet that had headaches along with the thing I had, so I didn’t worry too much about it. I did ask my gastroenterologist if he though my headaches were due to my already diagnosed problems and he didn’t think so, but he didn’t’ have any ideas. Well, since that time, I have seen another doctor and had an MRI on my head and my neck and everything looks fine – whaew! However, I still don’t know what is causing the headaches. i have tried relaxation, I have tried fish oil, I have tried Vitamin D, I have tried magnesium, and I have tried messaging my head and doing neck stretches – nothing. Well, I am grabbing art anything now. I am going to get rid of my elctirc bedside clock.

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By | January 23, 2012


 health and fitness

I’ve been thinking about my health a whole lot lately. For the past four months, I have been pretty sick. I won’t gt into the details of the sickness at this point, but being sick, I had a lot of time to obsess over why I was sick and what I needed to do to get better. So here I am today, a lot better than before, but still not whole. Trying to be healthy and fit has become a big aspect of my life, one that I previously paid little attention to. Now, I have been forced to care and do care, which really is a good thing. Hopefully, I will not only get back to being whole, but I will go beyond and have a quality of life I had forgotten is possible. Regardless of how far my health and fitness can improve, this is something that must be done.

So, I come to the purpose of this blog. In my Litl Quest blog, I talk about my overall life journey. I have talked a bit about my health, specifically my health problems, but not much more. As I contemplated capturing more regarding my quest for health, I realized how much I wanted to say. Even though, I don’t think health and fitness have been a big part of my life, there is still a lot I have experienced and learned for myself. And so, I want to start this separate blog specifically for my experiences with health and fitness. Hopefully it will help me to not too quickly forget the important lessons I learn.

Initially, I have a huge backlog of topics I want to get captured, so the order of the topics will be a bit random. It will just depend on my mood and what I feel like capturing. In time, as I catch up, the topics will follow a more logical flow.

Finally, health and fitness are very personal topics. We are all different. What I write are my experiences and my opinions. I am not giving advice. Before you change what you do in regards to health and fitness, please consult your physician or health care provider.